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Lean Production - Theory

5 Elements for Succesful Change

What elements influence organizational change? Dr.

The Fortress of Change

In this series or articles I describe the tools and aspects of cultural change managment should use when facilitating

The University of Improvement Skills - Continuous Learning

The University of Improvement Skills is the fourth building in the Fortress of C

5 Basic Lean Principles

There is a lot of misconception about the principles of the Lean philosophy .

The Market of Methods - Design your own Lean Roadmap

To encourage employees to work together in improving business processes bottom-up, tools need to be introduced to fac

Het Postoffice - Managing Communication

The second building in the Fortress of Change is the P

The Toyota 3M model: Muda, Mura, Muri

Toyota has developed its production system around eliminating three enemies of Lean: Muda (waste),

The Gate of Purpose - Hoshin Kanri

The Gate of Purpose is positioned at the entrance of the Fortress of Change 

Finding Muri (overburden) in your Process

Muri, or overburden, means that operators or machines are pushed through their natural limits, which leads to problem

Lean House for the Shopfloor

Lean is a philosophy based on a cultural aspect and a tool aspect.

Finding Mura (variation) in your Process

The Toyota Production System is a system built around minimizing three factors influencing a process: 

The Pull Principle - In Production, the Office & in Life

One of the most important principles in the Lean Philosophy is to try to create a Pull process.

Finding Muda (waste) in your Process

Muda is the Japanese word for waste and includes non value adding activities that prevent flow and lead to longer lea