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My name is Thijs Panneman, and it is my passion to help others to reduce muda (the Japanese word for 'waste', a key term in Lean manufacturing) from their processes, leadership behavior and even in their personal lives. Muda includes everything that costs time and money without delivering any value, and this blog includes my personal learnings as a Continous Improvement Expert for a Dutch multinational.


To expend my knowledge, I read a lot of management books of which I write summaries. I have also written a lot about my experiences using the different Lean Tools, and in 2017, I published my first own management book called Lean Transformations, about how you can use the lean tools to find the muda in your organization, and how to reduce it in a way that you get measureable results.
in 2019, I published the book Sustainable 5S, about the most famous lean tool on workplace organization.