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Lean Production - Lean Literature

Sustainable 5S - T.Panneman (summary)

Sustainable 5S, a short book by Thijs Panneman, describes how you can use the widely used lean tool 5S to in

Lean Transformations - T.Panneman (summary)

In Lean Transformations, Thijs Panneman describes the crucial steps of different lean tools, so that they di

Leading With Lean - P.Holt (summary)

In his book, Leading With Lean, Philip Holt describes the role of leaders in any organization in transformin

Lean Audit - J.Muenzing (summary)

In his book Lean Audit, Joerg Muenzing describes how an effective Lean Audit can help assess the maturity of

Design for Operational Excellence - K.J.Duggan (summary)

In his book Design For Operational Excellence (Duggan, 2012), Kevin J.

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership - J.F.Liker & G.L.Gavis (summary)

In their book The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, Jeffrey Liker and Gary Convis describe 4 stages of Leadersh

The Lean Start-up - E.Ries (summary)

In ‘the Lean Start-Up’, Eric Ries describes the challenges of starting a new business, and how the lean philosophy ca

Creating a Lean R&D System - T.M.Barnhart (summary)

In his book, creating a Lean R&D system, Terence Barnhart describes how the lean philosophy can be trans

The Toyota Product Development System - J.M.Morgan & J.K.Liker (summary)

In the Toyota Production Development System, James M. Morgan and Jeffrey K.

Office Kaizen - W.Lareau (summary)

In his book Office Kaizen, William Lareau describes a lean model which helps eliminating waste in an office

Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise - T.L.Jackson (summary)

In his book Hoshin Kanri for the lean enterprise, Thomas Jackson describes Toyota´s model for Policy deployment: hosh

Creating Mixed Model Value Streams - K.J.Duggan (summary)

Creating Mixed model Value Streams, by Kevin J.

Lean Thinking - J.P.Womack & D.T.Jones (summary)

Lean Thinking is one of the first books written in America where the Term ´Lean´ is used.

Creating a Lean Culture - D.Mann (summary)

David Mann describes in this book (in his own words)  the missing part in many Lean implementations: a Lean Managemen

Performance Behaviour - N.C.W.Webers (summary)

In his book ‘Performance Behavior’, Webers describes how an organization can link performance to behavior.

The Goal - E.M.Goldratt (summary)

In his book ´The goal´, Eliyahu Goldratt describes a new method to optimize production environments: the Theory o

Learning to See - M.Rother & J.Shook (summary)

Learning to See, written by Mike Rother and John Shook, is the book to read for Val

The Lean Manager - F.Ballé & M.Ballé (summary)

In ‘The Lean Manager’,  Ballé & Ballé distinguish two different management styles: Traditional management (manage