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5S Audit Templates

5S Audit Form

One of the most important part of a sustainable 5S culture is the 5S mini audit (Panneman, 2019). There are hundreds of examples to be found on the web. These are the three of the templates that I have found to be useful once you adjust them to your personal department/company needs. 



Example 1: MudaMasters Template


My Favorite template contains the best elements of the examples below.


The questions are sorted per S, with only 20 questions in total.


These questions include product flow standard, Machine standards, and paperwork standards


Ranking is with 1, 3 or 5 points per question.






MudaMasters 5S audit Form

Source: MudaMasters 5S audit Template



Example 2: Questions per ‘S’


CI Toolkit offers us a very clean template with only a few questions per S.


I especially like the clear focus on standards for both Tools and inventory management in the Sorting and Straitening step, and the detailed examples of Standardization topics.

There is a separate list for Offices available as well.








Example 3: Questions per ‘S’ with radar chart


Flevy offers us a template in which the results are visualized in a Radar chart.


Content wise, I like the fact that audits, the results of the audit and an improvement plan is asked for in the “standardize” section and that the link to Leader Standard Work is described in the “Sustain” part.








Example number 4: Questions per KPI category using the 5S as maturity levels.


Brighthubbpm offers us a solution in which the different phases of 5S change the way you use the 5S principles. For instance in “floor and Gangways” we move from “no obstruction”, to a final checklist where people sign off that the standards are sustained.









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Panneman, T., 2019, Sustainable 5S - How to Use the lean Starting Tool Tool to Improve Flow, Productivity and Employee Satisfaction, Dublin: MudaMasters  (summaryorder this book)