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The Progress Principle - T.Amabile, S.Kramer (summary)

In the progress principle, Teresa Amibile and Steven Kramer describe the secret behind truly productive people: p

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The One Minute Manager - K.Blanchard & S.Johnson (summary)

In their little book One Minute Manager, Blanchard & Johnson describe three secrets of successful leader

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The Five Levels of Leadership - J.C. Maxwell (summary)

In his book, the five levels of Leadership, John Maxwell describes 5 levels of leadership maturity.

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Bringing out the Best in People - A.C.Daniels (summary)

In Bringing out the best in people, Aubrey Daniels describes the power and simplicity of positive reinforcement.

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Gung Ho! - K. Blanchard & S. Bowles (summary)

Gung Ho (K.Blanchard and S.Bowles) tells the story about an American factory in which old Indian wisdom created a cul

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The Leader´s Handbook - P.R.Scholtes (summary)

The Leaders Handbook, from Peter Scholtes is a management classic.

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