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Value Stream Mapping Template

Value Stream Map Example

Value Stream Mapping is one of the most used tools in Lean manufacturing to map the flow of your process. I have already written articles about it. In my first article about value stream mapping, I describe how to draw your value stream map using the example of a factory. in a second article, I write about how you can use the 8 steps of future state value stream mapping to create a plan for improvement.

Here, you can download the templates you need to create your own value stream map.

Download your overview of VSM symbols here:


VSM symbols MudaMasters


This file also provides you with an empty swim-lane format where you can start mapping your processes in:

VSM start MudaMasters

Download the templates and start creating your own value stream map today! If you need any more help, click through to the next article, which explains how to create your current state value stream map

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