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Crucial Conversations - Patterson,K., Grenny,J., McMillan, R., Switzler, A. (summary)

In their book Crucial Conversations, Pattersson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler describe seven steps to impro

The Lean Start-up - E.Ries (summary)

In ‘the Lean Start-Up’, Eric Ries describes the challenges of starting a new business, and how the lean philosophy ca

Lean Transformations - T.Panneman (summary)

In Lean Transformations, Thijs Panneman describes the crucial steps of different lean tools, so that they di

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - P.Lencioni (summary)

In his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni describes a pyramid of five layers that repre

The Coaching Habit - M.B.Stanier (summary)

In his book, the coaching habit, Michael Bungay Stanier describes how most coaching programs are considered a failure

Leading With Lean - P.Holt (summary)

In his book, Leading With Lean, Philip Holt describes the role of leaders in any organization in transformin

Lean Audit - J.Muenzing (summary)

In his book Lean Audit, Joerg Muenzing describes how an effective Lean Audit can help assess the maturity of

Design for Operational Excellence - K.J.Duggan (summary)

In his book Design For Operational Excellence (Duggan, 2012), Kevin J.

Mentoring - Pairing up to Success - T.Beller & G.Hoffmeister-Schönfelder (summary)

In their (German) book Mentoring – im Tandem zum Erfolg, Tinka beller and Gabriele Hoffmeister-Schönfelder d

The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership - J.F.Liker & G.L.Gavis (summary)

In their book The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership, Jeffrey Liker and Gary Convis describe 4 stages of Leadersh

Creating a Lean R&D System - T.M.Barnhart (summary)

In his book, creating a Lean R&D system, Terence Barnhart describes how the lean philosophy can be trans

Deep Work - C.Newport (summary)

In his book, deep work, Cal Newport describes four rules which can help you to stay focused on the things that make y

High Five! - K.Blanchard & S.Bowles (summary)

High Five! Is the third book by Blanchard and Bowles on team work.

The One Minute Manager - K.Blanchard & S.Johnson (summary)

In their little book One Minute Manager, Blanchard & Johnson describe three secrets of successful leader

The Five Levels of Leadership - J.C. Maxwell (summary)

In his book, the five levels of Leadership, John Maxwell describes 5 levels of leadership maturity.

Bringing out the Best in People - A.C.Daniels (summary)

In Bringing out the best in people, Aubrey Daniels describes the power and simplicity of positive reinforcement.

Hoshin Kanri for the Lean Enterprise - T.L.Jackson (summary)

In his book Hoshin Kanri for the lean enterprise, Thomas Jackson describes Toyota´s model for Policy deployment: hosh